Monday, October 19, 2009


We have lived in our Big Blue House going on 31/2 years now. I can't believe it. Time goes so fast but what I am so totally surprised at is the fact that I have not missed my old house at all.

We lived in our old house 33 years. My dearest and I built it from scratch. He did all the electrical and plumbling and I helped with everything. I know a lot about building. I raised my children in that house. I thought for sure I would think about different events or happenings in our old house like my children's firsts. I do sometimes but not as often as I thought. It seems like we have lived here forever. That is how I felt when we came to see this house. I started calling it "my" house from the beginning. I never thought I would live here as my dearest has lived in the country all his life and had no desire to do otherwise. He especially did not want neighbors living so close to us. He also liked the fact that he could go outside in his pj's and no one would see him, unless one of the few cars would drive by.

I liked living out there, 3 miles out on Hwy 34, when I was there but after moving here, I feel like I am actually a part of the world! I didn't know I was missing out on so much life! I saw very few people out there, our renters lived in our houses around us, so we did not get to know them very well.(not a good thing to become to friendly with renters) As I mentioned before, there was very few cars that went past. I was home alone often and I was 'alone'. Living here, when I am 'alone', I don't feel alone. People are always walking, biking, or driving by. The road in front of our Big Blue House is very busy but we are within walking distance to many restaurants, park, activities etc. along the beach. My dearest loves it too. (I can't believe it) He loves to watch people and he can surely do that here. We have an acre of land with our house, unheard of on West Lake Drive, and the cottage on our right side is an occasional seasonal. The house to the left of us is a rental with 4 nice boys living there who work on their cars continually. No old wrecks but nice, detailed, clean fixing of cars. No wild parties. From that, there is no one for at least two more lots down. We are an island, not what I expected. I wanted neighbors to socialize with. I guess one should be careful what they wish for.

We sold our old house this spring after almost 3 years of trying!! Now we feel we are really meant to be here. At one point, Ithought our old house hadn't sold because we were supposed to move back to it. Yeah right. I suggested it to my dearest who promptly said, "No way".

It is funny how life can change! Just with a simple move from one house to another, from one job to another, etc. This change in life was a good one for us. We have replaced a few windows, a new front door and new driveway. It is finally 'our' Big Blue House. That took a while for us to not feel like we were living in someone elses house. Now 'Our Big Blue House" needs painting and I would like to change it to the Big Brownish-Red House but my dearest likes the blue. What do you think?


MagnificentDebra said...

I vote for blue too!

Just Jules said...

I am afraid it might stay blue. I would paint it white if it were mine with lots of color on the trims.