Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I recently read this article that I am sharing with you today. It says everything there is to say about life. Please read it, follow it, and enjoy it.

When I meditated on the word Guidance,
I kept seeing 'dance' at the end of the word
And I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing.

When two people try to lead, nothing feels right.
The movement doesn't flow with the music,
And everything is quite uncomfortable and jerky.
When one person realizes that, and lets the other lead,
Both bodies begin to flow with the music.
One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back
Or by pressing lightly in one direction or another.
It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully.

The dance takes surrender, willingness,
And attentiveness from one person
And gentle guidance and skill from the other.

My eyes drew back to the word Guidance.
When I saw 'G': I thought of God, followed by 'u' and 'i'.
'God, 'u' and 'i' dance.' God, you, and I dance.

As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust
that I would get guidance about my life and once
again, I became willing to let God lead.

My prayer for you today is that God's blessings
And mercies are upon you on this day and everyday.
May you abide in God, as God abides in you.

Dance together with God,
Trusting God to lead and to guide you through each
season of your life.
This prayer is powerful and there is nothing attached.
If God has done anything for you in your life,
Please share this message with someone else.

There is no cost but a lot of rewards; so let's continue
to pray for one another.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks To You

My life will never be the same so.................................

I just want to thank all of you for your E-mails over the past year. I am totally screwed
Up now and have little chance of recovery.

I no longer open a public bathroom door without Using a paper towel or have them put lemon slices in
My ice water without worrying about the bacteria on The lemon peel.

I can't use the remote in a hotel room because I don't know what the last person was doing while Flipping through the adult movie channels.

I can't sit down on the hotel bedspread because I can only imagine what has happened on it since it Was last washed.

I have trouble shaking hands with someone who Has been driving because the number one pastime While driving alone is picking ones nose (although Cell phone usage may be taking the number one spot).

Eating a little snack sends me on a guilt trip Because I can only imagine how many gallons of
Trans fats I have consumed over the years.

I can't touch my purse for fear it was placed on the floor of a public bathroom.

I MUST SEND MY SPECIAL THANKS to Whoever sent me the one about poop in the glue
On envelopes because I now have to use a wet Sponge with every envelope that needs sealing.
ALSO, now I have to scrub the top of every Can I open for the same reason.

I no longer have any savings because I gave them To a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the Hospital for the 1,387,258th time.

I no longer have any money at all, but that will Change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/ Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating In their special e-mail program.

I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me, and St.
Theresa's Novena has granted my every wish.

I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are Actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers...

I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even Though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day.
THANKS TO YOU I have learned that my prayers Only get answered if I forward an e-mail to seven Of my friends and make a wish within five minutes.

BECAUSE OF YOUR CONCERN, I no longer drink Coca Cola because it can remove toilet stains.

I no longer can buy gasoline without taking someone Along to watch the car so a serial killer won't crawl in My back seat when I'm pumping gas.

I no longer drink Pepsi or Dr. Pepper since the People who make these products are atheists who Refuse to put 'Under God' on their cans..

I no longer use Saran Wrap in the microwave Because it causes cancer.

AND THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW I can't Boil a cup of water in the microwave anymore because It will blow up in my face.. Disfiguring me for life.

I no longer check the coin return on pay Phones because I could be pricked with a needle
Infected with AIDS.

I no longer go to shopping malls because some- One will drug me with a perfume sample and rob me.

I no longer receive packages from UPS or Fed Ex Since they are actually Al Qaeda in disguise.

I no longer shop at Target since they are French and Don't support our American troops or the Salvation Army.

I no longer answer the phone because someone will Ask me to dial a number for which I will get a phone bill With calls to Jamaica , Uganda , Singapore and Uzbekistan..

I no longer buy expensive cookies from Neiman Marcus since I now have their recipe.

THANKS TO YOU I can't use anyone's toilet but Mine because a big brown African spider is lurking Under the seat to cause me instant death when it
Bites my butt.

AND THANKS TO YOUR GREAT ADVICE I can't Ever pick up $5.00 dropped in the parking lot because It probably was placed there by a sex molester waiting underneath my car to grab my leg.

I can no longer drive my car because I can't buy Gas from certain gas companies!
I can't do any gardening because I'm afraid I'll get Bitten by the brown recluse and my hand will fall off.

And I now keep my toothbrush in the living room, Because water splashes over 6 ft. Out of the commode.

Oh, by the way...

A German scientist from Argentina , after a lengthy study, has discovered that people
with insufficient brain activity read their e-mails or blogs with their hand on the mouse...

Don't bother taking it off now,
it's too late.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We have lived in our Big Blue House going on 31/2 years now. I can't believe it. Time goes so fast but what I am so totally surprised at is the fact that I have not missed my old house at all.

We lived in our old house 33 years. My dearest and I built it from scratch. He did all the electrical and plumbling and I helped with everything. I know a lot about building. I raised my children in that house. I thought for sure I would think about different events or happenings in our old house like my children's firsts. I do sometimes but not as often as I thought. It seems like we have lived here forever. That is how I felt when we came to see this house. I started calling it "my" house from the beginning. I never thought I would live here as my dearest has lived in the country all his life and had no desire to do otherwise. He especially did not want neighbors living so close to us. He also liked the fact that he could go outside in his pj's and no one would see him, unless one of the few cars would drive by.

I liked living out there, 3 miles out on Hwy 34, when I was there but after moving here, I feel like I am actually a part of the world! I didn't know I was missing out on so much life! I saw very few people out there, our renters lived in our houses around us, so we did not get to know them very well.(not a good thing to become to friendly with renters) As I mentioned before, there was very few cars that went past. I was home alone often and I was 'alone'. Living here, when I am 'alone', I don't feel alone. People are always walking, biking, or driving by. The road in front of our Big Blue House is very busy but we are within walking distance to many restaurants, park, activities etc. along the beach. My dearest loves it too. (I can't believe it) He loves to watch people and he can surely do that here. We have an acre of land with our house, unheard of on West Lake Drive, and the cottage on our right side is an occasional seasonal. The house to the left of us is a rental with 4 nice boys living there who work on their cars continually. No old wrecks but nice, detailed, clean fixing of cars. No wild parties. From that, there is no one for at least two more lots down. We are an island, not what I expected. I wanted neighbors to socialize with. I guess one should be careful what they wish for.

We sold our old house this spring after almost 3 years of trying!! Now we feel we are really meant to be here. At one point, Ithought our old house hadn't sold because we were supposed to move back to it. Yeah right. I suggested it to my dearest who promptly said, "No way".

It is funny how life can change! Just with a simple move from one house to another, from one job to another, etc. This change in life was a good one for us. We have replaced a few windows, a new front door and new driveway. It is finally 'our' Big Blue House. That took a while for us to not feel like we were living in someone elses house. Now 'Our Big Blue House" needs painting and I would like to change it to the Big Brownish-Red House but my dearest likes the blue. What do you think?

Monday, October 12, 2009


For today, I commented on sojourners blog about Shame.

I don't feel shame but did rant and rave a bit. I need someone to talk to that is not going to take what I have to say personally and be defensive. I don't feel I need a psychologist, I just need someone to CARE. I have my dearest but he always wants to fix the probem or tells me I should have done or said ...........I do have ONE friend that I can talk to about pretty much everything but I could overload her and then she wouldn't be my friend or maybe would try to avoid me. Hey, maybe that is what she is doing now. I haven't seen her for a while.

I think my problems are something I have to deal with but my way of dealing with things are to go to the source (person) and talk to them about the problem. Even during that talk, I am choosing my words and feel I can't say what I am really feeling or don't know how to say it without bringing out defensiveness in that person. It usually makes it worse instead of better. Why? I am telling them how I feel or what it was that hurt me, etc. I want them to tell me what they were feeling or why they did or said what they did so I could understand where they were coming from. They don't do it. They don't tell me anything, they don't answer the question. I just feel intimidated or that it was all my fault. Sometimes things are better but most of the time it ends up the same or worse, they go on with our friendship like nothing happened but it is there, it is still there between us. You can feel it. I have chronic fatigue and stress makes me sick so heeeeellllllllppppppp!!!!!

You see, the things that are going wrong in my life now is "highschool "stuff with friends. We are "fully growed" women and are acting and saying things that should have stopped when they graduated. I know it is probably something going on in their life and it is about them but it still hurts and leaves me frustrated, upset and even angry. I would never say anything to anyone that I would feel would hurt them. I wish the rest of the world would do the same. I know that can't happen but oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh sojourner, your post has gotten me started.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

View from my window

This morning as I looked out my window, I saw something unusual. Yes, the ground had snow on it but on top of the snow, were leaves!!!! This is backwards. Aren't the leaves supposed to be UNDER the snow???? Wow. The wind is blowing today so the leaves are falling like rain. It is now about 2 1/2 hours after I got up and I can hardly see the snow any more. is not melting, the leaves are almost covering the snow. Another thing I noticed is the leaves are almost all green. Nature didn't give the leaves enough time to turn color before the snow arrived. We are supposed to get 1-2 inches more snow on Monday. This is a sad situation. Not only did we have a short summer (September) but now an early winter? My birthday is the 7th of October and I can only remember one other winter that we had a blizzard on my birthday and the snow stayed.................soooooooooooooo the odds are in our favor for nice weather yet.
I have seen many winters. Anybody else out there remember a winter that came early and stayed?

GOOD THINGS: There is a good thing, the traffic has slowed way down. This is a good thing because we live on West Lake Drive and have a lot of traffic. The cars get going pretty fast past our house.Just Jules can verify They have slowed down to where they should be today. I can actually see who is driving as they go past.

Also, the lake is not frozen. That is a good thing because there are several people that still have their docks and boats in the water. I have seen people chip ice to get them out so I hope the snow last night gave them the bug to get them out today. My bird bath however, has frozen water in it and the birds are flying around my window as if to tell me they need water.

All-in-all, if this stays, we will make the best of it. There is something cozy about being safe and warm inside your home, the warm glow of the lights, candles burning, possibly cookies baking my husband wishes, there used to be. Now we can get those chores done that we have been putting off all summer because we would rather be outside. O.K. I all try to have the kind of day that you want to have. If you can't, make the most of YOUR view from YOUR window